Neck Pain

Neck pain can have a wide range of symptoms, whether your neck is burning, achy, stiff, etc., we can help.

If you’ve been dealing with your neck pain for years or just days, it’s always good to see a chiropractor to make sure your spine is properly aligned.

Neck pain can not only cause aches and stiffness in your neck, but it can also cause pain into your arms and hands.

Sitting long periods of time working at a computer and poor postural habits can contribute to neck pain and stiffness.

Adjustments to the spine restore normal mobility as well as helps reduce pressure on nerves. This will help get you not only moving better but feeling better as well.

Our treatments are backed by the most up to date research on treating spinal related injuries.

Whether you need hands on adjusting, or a more gentle approach utilizing instruments, we have you covered. Your health, comfort and safety is our top priority.

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