Pediatric care can start the day your child is born.

Misalignments can occur during the birthing process which if left uncorrected can lead to developmental delays and issues.

We utilize manual and instrument-based adjustments for children. For babies and toddlers, we use gentle pressure no greater than the pressure used to test the ripeness of a tomato. There is no twisting, cracking or popping with them.

Chiropractic benefits for children  include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Meeting milestones
  • Improved brain development
  • Reduce gas and colic
  • Improved nervous system function
  • Reduce neck tension from feeding
  • Improve nursing latch
  • Evaluate for tongue and lip tie

Don’t let your kids develop the same problems you have, get them adjusted.

Insurance Plans We Recognize

If our institution isn’t on your health plan, get in touch and we’ll find a way to take care of you. We offer a free insurance benefit lookup on your first visit so you are well informed on what services your insurance plan covers.

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