Low Back Pain

Low back pain is something many of us will experience at some point or another.

Low back pain can stem from muscular pain but also from a structural issue with the spine itself. That pain can be disc related, disc herniation or a disc bulge, both of these issues can put pressure on a nerve creating pain into your legs.

Get out of pain without the need for surgery or medications.

Our state of the art non-surgical spinal decompression table utilizes a specific and gentle traction (pulling) to release pressure on the nerves that are causing your pain.

Traction therapy is great for those struggling with sciatica, disc related issues as well as degenerative problems.

In addition to traction therapy, we utilize a safe and effecting adjusting treatment to help get your spine aligned properly and moving better. These adjustments will also help ease your pain.

Get back to doing the things you enjoy without the worry of surgery.

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