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Being the Leaders of non-surgical, holistic spinal health care, we found it crucial to offer patients the newest cutting-edge technology when it comes to spinal disc injuries. Spinal Decompression therapy involves the gentle pulling of the spine to gap the vertebral joints from one another. This takes pressure off of the vertebral discs creating a negative pressure inwards towards the center of the disc. This means that any bulging or herniating disc material gets pulled back towards the center of the disc potentially taking pressure off of the nerves that are causing your pain.

A typical decompression therapy session takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. Decompression therapy coupled with highly specific chiropractic care can get you the results you want without surgeries. In the past, patients suffering from disc/spinal problems weren’t given many options besides, opioids, physical therapy, or invasive back surgery.There were few conservative treatments that would give long lasting results. Now with this highly specialized treatment protocol, invasive surgery and potentially addictive medications doesn’t have to be your only option.

This therapy effectively enhances the healing process and renders quick, effective and amazing pain relief that enables most patients to return to a more active lifestyle.

Research To develop this procedure was conducted by prominent physicians, engineers, and technicians at major teaching hospitals. Clinical studies verify the significant reduction of internal disc pressures which result in the non-surgical treaction of the disc and nerve root. Older, conventional traction has never demonstrated a reduction of this internal disc pressure; on the contrary – many older traction devices actually increased internal disc pressure, most likely due to reflex muscle spasm.

Do you have a herniated disc, multiple herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, facet syndrome? Is your doctor suggesting surgery, pain management, or physical therapy? Call Dr. Kaleb Hebert or Dr. Stephanie Scarpa to see if you qualify for this amazing treatment at 856-222-1500

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