Find the Right Chiropractor For You

With the rapid growth of preventative and holistic health care in the United States, it can be quite a daunting task trying to navigate and find the right fit for you. I am here to provide you with some helpful tips on finding the right chiropractor for your health needs. As a profession, chiropractic has a significant number of techniques utilized by the doctors, in fact, there are roughly 200 techniques with some overlap among some of them. Most chiropractors know the main technique Diversified. Outside of that technique is where you will find the most difference with chiropractors. 

Some chiropractors like to focus more on soft tissue work, so they utilize techniques such as FAKTR, Graston, ART and MAT. I personally use FAKTR and ART as some of my techniques in order to treat a wider variety of ailments. Some docs will focus in on a specific bone in the body and only adjust that one segment, these docs use techniques like, Atlas Orthoganal or Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic. The point I am trying to make is, if you go to ten different chiropractic offices, chances are you are going to have nine or ten different experiences. Now the majority of these techniques have research to back them and their efficacy. So don’t focus so much on specific techniques because to be honest, most of them work and work well. Of course not all techniques are going to work on every person and that is why its crucial to find a chiropractor that has the ability to perform at least 5 techniques. I find that having a good soft tissue technique, a instrument technique for softer adjustments, a pediatric and expecting mother technique as well as your highly known techniques such as Thompson, Diversified, Gonstead and Pierce allows me the ability to see most people. The two doctors at Dynamic Chiropractic know and utilize 15 techniques. This gives us the ability to see a wide range of conditions and people of all ages.

So what should you look for with a chiropractor and what should give you red flags.

Look for someone that offers a wide variety of treatment techniques, at minimum 5 techniques.

Someone who listens and doesn’t try to rush you in and out the door.

Avoid Chiropractors that try to sell you huge 6 month to 1 year care plans. Nobody knows how quickly or slowly your body is going to heal, it could take 6 months or a year, but it could also take just a few months. I’m in no way saying that docs that sell these large care plans are not good doctors, most of them are probably fantastic, but if they have you locked in to a year long care plan that you pre-paid for, then they have no real incentive to get you healthier quickly. We tell our patients that if you are not noticing any good changes within a month then our office is not the right place for you and we will help get you to the person that can help your condition. We don’t ever want to waste your time or money. 

Do your research, look at their google reviews, check out their website and facebook page. Don’t just look at the 4 star or 5 star ratings, actually read what people are saying, if they are only saying, oh the office is nice and the doctor is nice, then that really doesn’t say anything about their ability to actually get you better. Look for those meaty reviews with lots of good details. Call the office, see how the receptionist greets you and treats you, employees are typically a reflection of the owner or doctor. 

See what specialties they provide, if you are an athlete, then most likely a sports chiropractor is going to be your best bet since they will have the most experience in that area. If you are pregnant, find a doctor that specializes in techniques specific to working on pregnant women. If chiropractic scares you, find someone who is compassionate and willing to take the time to explain everything.

I hope this helps you find a chiropractor that suits your needs, if you have any questions, concerns or would like to speak with one of our doctors, please reach out to us via email or phone.